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The Team Dashboard

Managers can view training records for their teams using the Team Dashboard in Training Central. In Training Central, a team is defined as all of a manager's direct reports according to the Banner system.


Access the Team Dashboard using the multi-person icon in the Training Central header.

Team Dashboard Icon


demo:accessing the Team Dashboard   Learn more about accessing the Team Dashboard with a short demonstration.


Managers cannot correct or modify their team in Training Central. Direct reports do not include Temporary Faculty or Graduate/Teaching Assistants since these employees do not have "reports to" data in Banner. Indirect reports (those who report to a manager's direct reports) are viewable by clicking the + next to a direct report's name.

demo:identifying your team    Learn more about identifying your team with a short demonstration.



Training Central provides many reports for managers. Managers can access reports on the Analytic menu item.

demo:analytics   Learn how to use Analytics with a short tutorial.

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