Academic/Research Shop Safety Program Training for Shop Supervisors and Shop Monitors (00009697, 1.0)
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Available From    08/15/2019
This is an introductory class for shop supervisors and shop monitors with oversight responsibilities of academic/research shops and shop tool use at NMSU. The class covers the basic program structure and requirements for the Academic/Research Shop Safety Program. The class covers: • Safety program overview • Shop supervisor/shop monitor roles and responsibilities • Using the Shop Tool Classification Matrix • Program forms and training record requirements 1. NMSU Academic Shop/Tool Use Safety Agreement 2. Tool Use Authorization and Training Form • Using the Hazard Assessment Tool(HAT) for shop tools and processes • Shop Access/Shop Rules • NMSU Tool Safe Guarding and Controls Guide • Shop Incident/Emergency Response Procedures and Reporting This is a mandatory, one time training for all academic shop supervisors and shop monitors.
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