Bloodborne Pathogen Refresher - Online (00005593, 1.0)
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Available From    10/12/2015
This course provides employees and annual refresher with information and training on precautions with dealing with blood, infectious materials and other biohazards. Prerequisite: Bloodborne Pathogen – Initial – Instructor Led Course content includes: 1. Information on Federal and State regulations. 2. Discussion of the regulatory standard and explanation of its contents 3. Information on Bloodborne diseases and their transmission 4. NMSU Exposure Control Plan Template 5. Engineering and work practice controls 6. Personal protective equipment 7. Hepatitis B vaccine 8. Response to emergencies involving blood 9. How to handle exposure incidents 10. The post-exposure evaluation 11. Follow-up program/signs/labels/color-coding Who Should Attend: All NMSU employees that provide first aid services and that work with or have potential contact with human blood, body fluids, or tissues. Training Frequency: Annual refresher.
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