Fall Protection Safety (00002832)
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Available From    01/01/1997
Fall protection class covers applicable OSHA regulations and NMSU interpretation. 1. Course Content Includes: 2. Recognize & minimize fall hazards 3. Nature of the fall hazards 4. Procedures for assemble & inspection 5. Use, operation, & limitations of protection systems 6. User’s role Fall Protection Systems include: 1. Guardrails 2. Personal Fall Arresting Systems 3. Positioning Device 4. Safety Monitoring 5. Safety Net Systems 6. Warning Line Systems 7. Covers Instruction includes: Lecture, handouts with additional information, slide presentation and performance evaluation(quiz). Who Should Attend: All NMSU Employees that will be working in a situation where there are potential fall hazards. Training Frequency: Initial training upon job assignment. Retraining must be provided when necessary.
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