Employee Safety (Meets the requirements of 29 CFR 1910 subpart E) (00002830)
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Available From    01/01/1997
Employee Safety provides information on requirements for compliance under state and federal regulations as well as University EH&S programs. Course Content Includes: 1. NMSU EH&S Policies 2. Employee Safety Handbook 3. NMSU Occupational Safety Programs 4. Emergency preparedness, action & notification 5. Employee training requirements 6. Introduction to sustainability 7. Environmental Awareness 8. Stormwater Awareness 9. EPA and NMSU requirements for regulated waste disposal 10. Employee Incident and Injury Reporting If an employee is going to be working with hazardous materials, please also register for HazCom. HazCom will be held directly after Employee Safety. If unsure of whether to take HazCom, the instructor will assist in the determination. Who Should Attend: Required for ALL NMSU employees. Training Frequency: Initial training within 30 days of hire date.
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