Animal Worker Safety (00002823)
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Available From    01/01/1997
This course is intended for employees working with or around animals at all NMSU Campus and Facilities. Requirement prior to working with animals: Immunization record should be completed. This information will be given during class. Course Contents Include: 1. Occupational Health and Safety Program; 2. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee; 3. Potential Hazards & Physical Safety; 4. Medical Health Evaluation Questionnaire; 5. Allergies; 6. Waste Decontamination; 7. Zoonosis for large animals. Instruction methods: lecture, handouts, video/slide presentation, discussion. Who Should Attend: All University employees and others who work with or have the potential to contact animals, their body fluids, or tissues. Training Frequency: Training on this standard must be given initially upon start of assignment as well as periodic reviews as needed thereafter.
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CITI - Animal Biosafety and
CITI - Lab Animal Research
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