Nuclear Gauge Safety and Transportation (00001556)
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Available From    01/01/1997
The course is designed to complement the required Nuclear Gauge Operator training provided by the principal investigator (PI) or the nuclear gauge manufacturer. Common nuclear gauges include soil moisture gauges and soil density gauges. This course fulfills the DOT Hazardous Materials Shipping training required under 49CFR172 for the transportation of nuclear gauges. Course Content Includes: 1.Overview of NMSU radiation safety program requirements 2.State and Federal regulations 3.Radiation safety fundamentals users 4.Safe gauge handling principles and practices 5.Transportation and shipping gauges 6.Nuclear gauge storage and security requirements 7.Nuclear gauge disposal/transfer 8.Record keeping requirements Who Should Attend: Employees who use and transport nuclear gauges containing sealed radioactive sources. Training Frequency: Initial training upon job assignment.DOT HazMat Shipper Training is every 3 years. Please contact RSO to schedule course - 646-3327.
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