BioSafety Awareness (00001554)
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Available From    01/01/1997
BioSafety provides research lab employees with training on specific biosafety regulatory and work practice requirements for research lab operations. Prerequisite: Employee Safety Course content includes: 1. An introduction to oversight of research safety and regulatory compliance by federal agencies and NMSU. 2. Review of BSL-2 facility and work practice requirements 3. A description of HEPA filters and HEPA filtration 4. An overview of biohazard cabinetry 5. A review of the proper set up, use, and shut down procedures for BSCs 6. Spill decontamination and clean up 7. Lab waste storage, decontamination, and disposal Who should attend: Enrollment is open to all NMSU faculty, staff and students. This training is required for laboratory staff working at Biosafety Level II as described on NMSU Institutional Biosafety Committee approved application. Training Frequency: Initial training upon job assignment. Refresher is not required, but recommended every 3 years.
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