Industrial Ergonomics - Online (00012167, 1.0)
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Available From    06/01/2021
Course Description: The course introduces the concept of ergonomics in a general workplace setting, brings awareness to the most common cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs), explores strategies to prevent or control CTDs, and identifies the basics of an ergonomics safety program. (Length: 35 minutes)

Course Objectives: After completing this module, the learner will be able to:

1. Recall the underlying principle of ergonomics in the workplace and core risk factors.

2. Identify causes of CTDs.

3. Recognize common types of cumulative trauma disorders.

4. Match warning signs and symptoms with solutions and actions.

5. Identify ergonomic best practices.

Who Should Attend: Employees who have non-office jobs that involve work processes that can cause cumulative trauma disorders (CDTs).

Training Frequency: Initial training upon job assignment or as assigned by supervisor.
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