Lockout / Tagout - Online (00012166, 1.00)
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Available From    06/01/2021
Course Description: Lockout Tagout for Authorized Workers provides background on what lockout/tag out is, and teaches the steps to safely perform this procedure. It covers the types of hazardous energy contained in equipment and machinery, what a Hazardous Energy Control Program is, and how to perform special procedures, such as group lockout/tagout (Length: 40 minutes).

Course Objectives: After completing this module, the learner will be able to:

1. Recognize the purpose of lockout/tagout procedures

2. Identify the responsibilities of authorized, affected and other employees during lockout/tagout procedures.

3. Identify sources of hazardous energy and consequences of improper control

4. Identify procedural steps for lockout/tagout

5. Recognize approved options and special considerations for lockout/tagout

Who Should Attend: Employees that need to use or be aware of lockout/tagout procedures.
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