Hazardous Waste Management - Online (00010944, 1.0)
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Available From    08/04/2020
The hazardous waste management class provides employees with information on the disposal of hazardous chemicals and materials, federal/state regulations and NMSU compliance. Course contents includes:

1. EPA and NMED Hazardous Waste Regulations
2. NMSU Hazardous Waste Manual
3. Characteristics of hazardous, bio-hazardous, radioactive & other regulated waste
4. Waste Accumulation and Satellite Accumulation Points requirements
5. Waste tracking forms
6. Landfill, POTW and other disposal requirements
7. Emergency spills and clean up

Who Should Attend: All University employees, who produce waste that contains chemicals, blood, human body fluids or infectious agents. Every waste generator must have at least one person (preferably a supervisor) attend this training.
Training Frequency: An annual refresher is required to comply with regulations. This class counts as equivalent training to the instructor-led Hazardous Waste Management class.
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