Respirator Protection Training & Fit Testing - Online (00010424, 1.0)
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Available From    04/20/2020
Prerequisite: Respiratory Medical Approval
Initial Respiratory Safety & Fit class provides employees with the initial training & respirator fit test. EHS&RM must receive medical approval from a physician or medical practitioner before registration will be allowed. Please register for Respirator Medical Approval offering. The form will be attached to email notification.

Course Content Includes:

1. Information and training on recognizing respiratory hazards.
2. Selection and care of appropriate respiratory protection equipment.
3. Compliance with state and federal regulations as well as University Safety program.
4. Donning, doffing and maintenance (cleaning) of personal respirators.
5. Respirator fit factor determination as required by OSHA.

Who Should Attend: All employees that need respiratory protection for their job function.

Training Frequency: Annual refresher training and Annual Fit Test of respirator.
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Web Based Training
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