Fundamentals of Radiation Safety - Online (00010106, 1.0)
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Available From    01/27/2020
The course fulfills initial radiation safety training requirements for working with open source radioactive material at NMSU. This is an online course developed by the Safety Training Consortium, an organization of colleges and universities committed to radiation safety in research. This course is equivalent to the Basic Radiation Safety course. This course contains five modules with a final exam (Passing is a score of 75% or higher): 1. Radiation and Radioactive Materials. 2. Biological Effects and Dose Limits. 3. Oversight of Radioactive Materials, Detection and Security. 4. Contamination Control. 5. Waste, Shipping & Receiving, and Incidents. Who should attend? All employees working with open-source radioactive materials. This course is not for x-ray or nuclear gauge users. There is special training for x-ray and nuclear gauge. Training Frequency: Initial training upon job assignment & annual refresher.
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